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2013-02-22 10:40:00


You’ve made quite a roar regarding a Developer Q&A, and we have listened.  We are happy to bring you the latest and greatest from our Game Development and Community teams. Please note that in some cases we’ve combined multiple questions into one, and that we have edited some questions for clarity.

Please also keep in mind that, as development plans are always subject to change, questions about future features will often get vague answers which can be repetitive and sometimes annoying.

We have now opened an official thread to discuss this Q&A round.  Please feel free to comment on this article in that thread.


Are there going to be improvements in customer support in the future? it seems that support is vague, and the only support i personally have received has been emotional in the form of apologies.
We are always striving to improve our support for you.  We are aware that some mistakes have happened, and are hoping to learn from them in order to improve the level of quality support and information we can provide to you.

Do any LoU developers or PMs play Lord of Ultima currently?
Many members of the dev team currently play or have played Lord of Ultima in the past. Of course, every now and then, someone drops out of the game and some return to play again.

About a year ago EA tried changing the ranking system, renaming its set of fixed ranks (apprentice/member/vet/officer/2nd leader/leader) but nearly immediately changed it back. Why, and are you considering changing the ranking system in the future, perhaps giving people the ability to make custom ranks?
The change in the ranking system caused a technical error, and had to be reverted.  Currently, there are no plans to make any changes to the ranking system, but that may (or may not) change in the future.

LoU social media outreach via EA community reps using twitter and facebook and the forum are much appreciated. If people post on twitter or facebook or the forum, do the developers or project managers ever see any of it?
Our Community Team constantly gives us updates about what players are asking for, both on the forums, and in the social media channels.  We may not always answer every question, comment or suggestion, but we do see them all, in one form or another.

Do you have any major changes planned to the game on the scope of the Ascension or moongate patches?
We consistently think and discuss about bigger changes to the game, but at this point in time, we cannot give you any more information about this.

What are your plans for special servers like Castles again or special challenge servers, speed servers, extra-large servers or no Night-Protection servers?
We are currently thinking about different “game modes” that deliver a different game experience, but we cannot go into detail yet.

People still complain about multiaccounting. Other MMOs use a cadre of volunteer game admins to hunt cheaters, what are your thoughts on that?
While we are firmly against the use of multiple player accounts, we unfortunately are not able to use volunteers for the purpose.  For the time being, the best way to combat suspected multi-accounters is to report them via the in-game portal.

Some folks including myself have proposed a “military endgame” where an alliance could win, say, a scepter instead of a crown by owning 90% of the castles (with over 5000 military score) on 75% of the continents. Other people have suggested adding special ‘strongholds’ per continent that alliances would have to capture. Is EA considering any of these ideas?
This, and other ideas like that, are being considered as part of our discussions about new game modes.

Will you allow the locking of palaces again? What was your thinking behind locked palaces?
This was actually an exploit, and has since been fixed.

Can you put checkboxes in the Trade Minister settings that only allows him to use Carts or only Ships for requests?
That’s not a bad idea. We will probably consider this for future planning.

Will there be protection for new continents? When one opens up they shouldn’t allow anyone to settle onto it from other continents until the initial settlers protection period wears off, therefore giving people just starting out one them a fair amount of time to get setup an enjoy the game.
This issue has been in discussion a few times already, but we haven’t made a decision quite yet.

Would it be possible for the devs to remove the palace resources from the lvl 10 palaces once an alliance crowns? Some alliances are “handed down” the lvl 10 palaces and it makes the game unfair to those still trying to fill their own palaces in the race for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. Vs. those “hand-me-down” palaces they just have to wait for the enlightenment and upgrade them instead of filling them like normal.
We didn’t have that topic on the radar yet, but we will discuss it in the future.

Will it ever be a possibility to show reports across worlds? (I, too, would like this. It would enable me to do some more promotion stuff on the social channels)
Reports are bound to the world they were created on, so no, this won’t happen in the future.

Will there be any graphical updates to the buildings, cities/castles? As in changes to how they look? Some people would like a Good Vs. Evil thing were you have “Holy” Woodcutter Huts or “demonic” looking quarries. I know the castle customization thing is up, but no one wants to pay for those.
That is also not a bad idea.  That said, improvements such as these can take quite a while to make it into the game, as there is a great deal of artwork and testing that needs to be done.  While the idea is fantastic, this will most likely have to “go on the back burner” for now.

Are there any new units in the works? The game is quite balanced as it is but there have been a couple good suggestions on new units. I was wondering if these ideas or ideas of your own are being considered or if the idea of new units are off the table.
This is a distinct possibility.  We will see.

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